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Meeting Your Needs

Induction Hardening

3/10Khz - 250kw - 60" Dual Scanner

3/10Khz - 300kw - 75" Scanner 

10Khz - 200kw Stand alone

30Khz - 50Kw Scanner

30Khz - 100Kw Lift & Rotate

(2) 30/80Khz - 15kw Stand alone

More to come

Heat Treating 

Controlled Atmosphere Hardening 3600 lbs/hr

Carburizing 3000 lbs/hr

Vacuum Hardening 1000 lbs/hr

Salt Bath Hardening 1200 lbs/hr

Ferritic Nitrocarburizing 1000 lbs/hr

Mar-tempering/Mar-quenching 1200 lbs/hr

Austempering 4000 lbs/hr

Annealing 2000 lbs/hr

Stress Relieve 20,000 lbs/load

Normalizing 1000 lbs/load

Tempering 4000 lbs/hr

Deep Freezing 300 lbs/hr

Flame Hardening

Black Oxiding

Burn Off Services

Inspection Equipment

Brinell Testor

Microhardness Testor(Knoop, Vickers, other)


Polishing Equipment

Rockwell Hardness

Hardness Files (values)

Cut-off Machine (Wet or Dry)

Etchant Types

Mounting Equipment

  • The Metal Treating Institute (MTI)

  •  American Society for Metals (ASM)

  •  National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

  •  Heat Treating Network (HTM)

  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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